Updated: September 23, 2022


Moodle Cloze and GIFT Code Generator V4.00

The easiest way to make Moodle Questions without knowing any Moodle.

Click the Excel icon to download a code generator for creating simple Moodle compatible embedded answer (cloze) question strings and GIFT formatted import strings in Excel.


  • Recommended for those with limited Moodle or Excel knowledge or experience!

  • Includes user instructions and FAQ.

Please note that macros must be enabled within the Excel document.

Last Updated: September 23, 2022: Major V4.00 update! New question types, GIFT Tags, Variable Cloze format, expanded question inputs, and much more!  Previous versions: V3.31V3.20.


Customizable Quizlet to Moodle quizzes in seconds!

Click the Moodle icon to download an Excel tool which turns Quizlet sets into custom Moodle quizzes!

  • This tool converts a vocabulary set on Quizlet into ready-to-use Moodle quiz questions, based on your students' actual study data!

  • The quizzes are automatically generated based on your students' real Quizlet study data (accessible with a Quizlet Teacher account), meaning you can accurately test words that are easy, medium, or difficult for your students rather than making the quiz yourself. The quiz difficulty and amount of questions are fully customizable. 

  • No Quizlet teacher account and thus no study data? No problem - there is also an option to select and test words manually from the Quizlet set.


  • Quizzes are automatically converted to Moodle's GIFT formatting for easy importing. No Excel knowledge and minimal Moodle knowledge required!

Please note that macros must be enabled within the Excel document. Please set Excel calculations to "Manual" within Excel Options for proper quiz functionality. 

Last Updated: May 7, 2020.  Previous version: V1.21


How well do your students know their Quizlet words? Track it!

Click the Quizlet icon to download a data capture tool for Quizlet term study data, available through a Quizlet Teacher account. Quickly record a single set of study data, or build an entire database differentiated by class and new/review content.

  • Excellent for teachers looking to record individual sets of Quizlet study data and for administrators looking to track and analyze an entire course's vocabulary list study data for revision and scaling.

  • Includes detailed user instructions.

Please note that macros must be enabled within the Excel document.

Last Updated: April 9, 2020